Mail Order Groom


Emma Marshall is given thirty days by her dying father to find a groom or the ranch goes to his brother in Ft. Worth. Little does she know that her father has already placed posters in Ft. Worth advertising for a husband for his beloved daughter. Tyler Roundtree applies to be the temporary ranch foreman for Twin Oaks, and is surprised to see a beautiful woman running the ranch. When he learns that the evil attorney, Walker, plans on marrying Emma, Ty won’t have it. He claims that he and Emma have been talking about marriage, and before they know it, Emma and Ty find themselves married to one another. Shy at first, they soon fall in love and depend on that love to get them through one tragedy after another.

This is a fast moving, sweet adventure tale of greed, deception, and love in the great state of Texas. Ty is a Southern gentleman who lost everything in the war only to regain it all and more in Emma. Ty, Emma, and Rafe are easy to love characters that come to life and come off the pages in this story. One can feel Walker's sliminess every time he climbs out from under the rock he dwells beneath. Occasionally the different cowhands can be mistaken for one another, so some of their scenes get confusing. Author Dana Wayne has delivered an intricately crafted story, with many curves along the trail that the reader never anticipates. 

Belinda Wilson