The Maid of Milan


When Adelaide was a young maid of seventeen, she fell in love with James, and they enjoyed a brief, passionate affair before life forced them to part.  Addys mother quickly found her a husband (one of James' best friends), but warned her daughter that if she did not control her sinful natureall would be lost.  Addys husband, Tristan, loves her dearly and has been working these past four years to draw her out of her shell into being the lively, loving woman he suspects is inside.  Addy has come to cherish Tristan and desperately wants to love him freely, but is terrified of her mothers predictions coming true.  When James shows up at their door, Addys carefully constructed web of lies is threatened and the happiness she and Tristan have been working toward may be damaged beyond recovery.  

Ms. Eikli has penned another wonderfully moving historical!  The main characters are dealing with stressful situations while still trying to remain honorable (for the most part).  Since the tale begins several years into Addy and Tristans marriage, we dont have to go through their courtship, which is unusual for a romance, but in many ways, their relationship is still new and forming.  Almost everyone is hiding secrets, and as the tale unravels, the reader is drawn ever deeper into the intrigue and back-stabbing of high-society London.  Adelaides mother is horrid, and one wonders why Addy puts up with her, but aside from this, there is something here for everyone romance, scandal, politics, blackmail, forgiveness so settle in and enjoy the ride!

Leslie Stokes