Maid Marian and the Lawman


1896 Oklahoma Indian Territory

U.S. Marshal Shane Latimer has devoted his life to catching criminals. While chasing the wanted Merry Men, he hardly expected to find two slow but kind men, a genius midget, and the woman who could possibly be the love of his life. Pretending to have amnesia and becoming Will Scarlet might end that fledging relationship-and so could a dangerous criminal on the loose…

Nearly a decade after rescuing her brother Robin, and two other misfits from the asylum, Mary Goode is still taking care of him, living in the proclaimed Sherwood Forrest. Unbeknown to her, their game of Robin Hood and his men has grown into stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. Then came a stranger with no memory who tempts her enough to put her vow to take care of her brother in danger… 

Heartwarming doesn’t even begin to describe this book! The Merry Men are extremely huggable, and Shane/Will isn’t lacking in that regard either. The “Big Secret”, though instrumental to the plot, may be distracting to the reader because it’s a challenge to enjoy the romance while waiting for the other shoe to drop. The unique cast of characters as well as the Robin Hood parallel elevate this book into something uniquely  different and completely enjoyable, a treat that is very rare among the mountain of historicals, indeed!

Mimi Smith