Maid for the Knight


Matilda has always pondered her identity after being abandoned as a baby. Discovering it, however, proves more sinister than expected. Desperate to hide the secret threatening both her and her kin, Matilda would choose death before losing the trust of her loved ones. Reginald lives for the moment, preferring to travel as a knight rather than focusing on tomorrow. When tasked with discovering the contents of Matilda’s secret missives, he relishes the task of charming them out of her. After finding herself in danger and tired of the threats, Matilda takes matters into her own hands, with Reginald gladly following. Their plan must succeed, for failure means they will lose far more than their heads. 

A historical read filled with as much passion as intrigue, “Maid for the Knight’” is an action-packed story of self-discovery. Though it can be enjoyed as a standalone, it is clear there is much backstory prior to the start of the novel. The author does a decent job of catching the reader up, but it can still be overwhelming, especially due to the sheer number of characters mentioned. At the heart of the romance is a friends-to-lovers couple who truly feel like they complete each other. For the first half of the novel, however, their constant back and forth of will-they-won’t-they becomes tedious, if not frustrating. That being said, the characters are realistic, and the author excels at both dialogue and building interpersonal relationships. Despite its busy plot that can be difficult to initially invest in, fans of authentic Scottish romances will delight in this story of love, loyalty, and family. 

Arec Rain