Magic in Mayflowers


Anne Deighton has resigned herself to becoming a spinster. Her two engagements ended tragically, so she sees nothing in her future. In fact, she welcomes the quiet life that awaits her. However, she wants to match her sister, Beth, to a wealthy gentleman of title and means so the same fate doesn’t befall her sibling. The Viscount Ingleby, Reginald Marleigh, comes to Anne’s countryside village in Wiltshire, to attend the May Day Festival. He has wearied with quiet and thoroughly enjoys the gaiety of the festival, and the vast opportunities to steal time with Miss Anne Deighton…if only she’d stop throwing her younger sister at him like a choice bone. He has eyes only for Anne.

Ms. Sookoo has penned another creative historical romance with deep, believable characters in fascinating situations. Anne and Reggie are opposites, each wishing for what the other already has. How they make it work is what makes the story likable. Drawbacks to this cute story include not a lot of visual detailing or the heavy, complex conflicts Ms. Sookoo is normally known for, but a smattering of typos and wrong wording, mixed POV’s within the same paragraphs, and the number of times Anne behaved immaturely or below her age and experience level. Aside from these minor drawbacks, readers will enjoy the story of Anne and Reggie finding their bit of magic in mayflowers.

Emerson Matthews