Made for the Marquess


Percy is an outstanding army officer who receives word of his brother’s accidental drowning while away from home. He must leave his commission and accept his title as Marquess of Kingston. The war has left Percy with nightmares, and his soul is tortured. He does not believe he will be a good enough husband for any woman. Minta is a twin who was stuck in Canada due to the war, and has never had her first season. She is now 21, and long overdue to find a husband. With the help of her generous aunt and uncle, they prepare her for her season. Percy and Minta meet and connect, but Percy pushes her way because he believes she deserves better than a broken man.

This story can be read as a standalone, but one would enjoy it so much more if the others have been read, as previous characters play roles in this tale. The pacing of this story is fairly slow, and lacks excitement and action. Alexa Aston has created some complex and believable characters, and has done an excellent job in describing the horrors of war and the trauma later experienced by those who served in it. Although the reader will love both Percy and Minta, one may not feel a believable connection or attraction between them. Percy is quiet, awkward, and uneasy in social situations. With the help of their friends, will Percy and Mint find their happily ever after. “Made for the Marquess” is Book 4 in the Second Sons of London series, and despite its shortcomings, is an enjoyable historical romance.

Victoria Zumbrum