Mad for the Marquess (Reluctant Hearts #1)


James Drake, Marquess of Devlin, is presumed mad after a horrendous event. Locked away in Ballencrieff Asylum, he must prove his sanity or lose his chance of freedom. Anne Winton, an outcast herself, arrives at Ballencrieff to work as an aide. She meets the Marquess during one of his dark moments and is oddly drawn to him. With Anne's help, will James be able to set aside his demons? 

From the moment the Marquess sets eyes on Anne Winton, there is a mutual connection so deep it will take readers' breath away. Anne sees the Marquess as someone who needs compassion, and she is more than willing to tend to him. Dark, ugly demons reside in his head and there is more than the presumed madness attributing to his bizarre behavior. The love story between James and Anne will leave readers turning page after page, craving more. "Mad for the Marquess" has the perfect mix of deceit, dastardly deeds, redemption and unconditional love. There is a bit of angst weaved in, which only adds to the flavor of this gem. Lovers of historical fiction will savor every bite of this thrilling opener to author Jess Russell's Reluctant Hearts series. The sex scenes are tasteful, yet titillating.  A true five PLUS stars!

Layne Lancaster