Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Marry (Highland Brides #4)


REGENCY/GEORGIAN:  Lady Greer Douglas and Ewan Cameron, fifth Duke of Crieff, have been betrothed for 10 years. They have never met in person, but they have written letters to each other for a decade, as they wait for the day they will marry.  Lady Greer and her parents travel to Crieff for her wedding day only to discover that Ewan is missing and presumed dead.  She is determined to find out what happened to him and bring justice for his death.  They discover a badly beaten man on the moors who seems familiar to her, but he knows nothing of himself or where he comes from.  As he is nursed back to health, the mystery unfolds.

A wonderful story set in Scotland, "Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Marry" is the tale of a Duke, his Lady and amnesia.  Ewan’s confusion over his condition is written with great depth and his story unfolds slowly, making for an incredible triumph over the great odds.   Lady Greer’s character has tremendous spirit and determination, yet the author does a great job of curbing it to fit social situations and the period.  Each chapter starts with letters that Ewan and Greer wrote to each other, making this a unique feature in the writing.  It also makes it distracting at times because it stops the experience.  A touching love story, this installment in the Highland Brides series is well worth the read! 

Laura Dinsdale