Mad About the Marquess (Highland Brides #1)


Alasdair Colquhoun, the new Marquess of Cairn, has returned to Scotland and been given the responsibility of discovering the identity of the thief and highwayman attacking travelers in the local area. While in pursuit he begins to fall for none other than "wee Quince" - the much grown up Lady Quince Winthrop, a tempting lass full of high spirits. He enlists her help to capture the brigand; however there is much more to Quince than Alasdair first anticipates and instead of an agreeable adversary they are at odds in more ways than one. Unknown to Alasdair, Quince is in fact the thief he searches for. She robs the rich to give to the poor. Keeping the truth a secret and giving in to their desires becomes more than what either had bargained for.


Quince Winthrop is a clever and feisty woman that is a force to be reckoned with. Unafraid of danger she fits in with many of today's heroines who are changing the weak damsel in distress image. The story begins bold and strong with Alasdair and Quince playing a cat-and-mouse game which plays out for the duration of the book occasionally taking far more focus then necessary. Their bickering and general dialogue rallies between wearisome and immensely entertaining. Some of the lesser characters fall somewhat flat in comparison and there is foul language used that can offend sensitive readers however the best is saved for last when the romance is tender, hot and delicious. A wonderful start to the Highland Brides series that is no doubt a series worth surrendering to!


Margaret Faria