The MacLeod Pirate (Sinclair Jewels Book 4)


Citrine Sinclair will do anything to save her clan. She is so close she can almost taste it, and then she finds herself in the hands of a handsome pirate who drives her insane. What she does not realize is that the pirate who has kidnapped her is the man she is meant to marry. Rory Macleod does not know about her either when he takes her. He also holds the key to saving Citrine's clan. They have to work together to figure out what is going on and will help one another. They will also find something else that sparks between them. Will their mission be a success? 

Caroline Lee has created some fiery characters that will have readers in even the coldest of climates overheating. “The Macleod Pirate” is the final book in the Sinclair Jewels series and it definitely is a fantastic story, packed with action and a sinfully sexy pirate who is stubborn and determined to get his way. The story moves at a fast pace and the character arcs are spot on. This is an excellent conclusion to the series — faithful fans will go back to the beginning to revisit the story, and new readers will be quickly "adding to cart" to find out first hand. The Sinclair Jewels is not to be missed!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick