A Lyon's Pride


Lily wants a husband, but not just any husband will do. He must be willing to accept her daughters, provide her with a title, but otherwise keep his distance. She turns to an infamous matchmaker for assistance. Mason has inherited a title and a mountain of debt. He never expects to win a wealthy woman's hand over a foolish dare, yet the engagement is settled. Only neither is prepared to come face to face with the other and their pasts. Mason carries the guilt over how he treated Lily in the past and is determined to make the most of this second chance. Lily trusted Mason once, and she and her mother paid the price. She won't trust so easily again. Mason knows he can't turn back the clock, but he will do whatever it takes to prove to Lily he is the only man who will ever love her.

"A Lyon's Pride" sweeps readers up into an emotionally-packed romance that combines second-chance love with redemption! Lily is strong, independent, and unconventional for the society she lives in. Her business is unusual and a refreshing change. An ex-soldier, Mason served England well during Waterloo. While he may have been a hero on the battlefield, he never rises to the heroic enough heights to completely banish his past poor judgement. Questions also arise that are never clearly answered. Lily's daughters, however, are a delight and the scenes centering on her mother are quite touching. "A Lyon's Pride" has all the ingredients for a happily-ever-after that will leave readers content in the glow of two lovers finding their way back to each other at last!

Tricia Hill