The Lyon Sleeps Tonight

Elizabeth Ellen

Opal, frightened and separated from her nanny while with a school group in the marketplace in India, is found by an older schoolmate, Peter. As they weave their way through the marketplace back to the group, Opal becomes enamored with Peter and remains enamored for the rest of her days. A few years later, after they return to England, Peter joins the army. Apart for more than five years, Opal is surprised to receive a beautiful box and cobra shaped bangle from Peter for her birthday. Shortly thereafter, she attends a masked ball, bumps into a handsome blond gentleman and can’t believe her eyes. It is Peter who is shocked as well! Despite having feelings for each other, Peter will not ask for her hand as he has nothing to offer Opal. But Opal has some tricks up her sleeve Peter will be unable to ignore!

“The Lyon Sleeps Tonight” is a delightful historical story complete with colorful characters filled with charisma. Opal’s conniving plot with Mrs. Dove Lyon lends a note of mystery to the tale with her promises to Opal that she will receive exactly what she pays for. The world building is beautiful, especially the Lyon’s Den. Ms. Carter knows how to build a believable world. The plot is complex, yet clear. However, the climax of the story is weak. The internal conflict of both Peter and Opal is cringe worthy as they both grapple with the biggest decisions of their lives. A real page-turner and a wonderful debut for a new series!

Belinda Wilson