A Lyon in Her Bed: The Lyon’s Den


Leonard Quinton is now the Earl of Morton after returning home from the war. While he was away, his love and his family betrayed him. He must marry, but now he vows that he will never love or open his heart to anyone again. Emiline Hawthorne is doomed to marry an old man unless she can find someone else to marry. She heads to the Lyon’s Den to acquire an arranged marriage and runs into Leonard. They both get what they want: an eventual heir and financial support, so they marry immediately. While Leonard remains closed off, Emiline is determined to break down his walls. She discovers the truth behind his family which can solve everything, but Leonard may not be willing to listen.

Even though this novella is quite short, it packs a big punch to one’s emotions. In fact, there is so much happening that it could have easily been a full-length novel. At least, there are many more books in the series to check out! Although, it is the characters who really shine! Leonard has built up walls around his heart, and in order to protect himself, he often lashes out and hurts those around him. Anyone who has had a broken heart can relate. Emiline is strong, full of grace, and never gives up on Leonard. Their chemistry will leave readers with their hearts pounding. Not to mention the many lessons they learn while falling in love, like loyalty, forgiveness, friendship, and so much more… Even though this book is over in a flash, it is well worth every moment!

Amanda Hupe