The Lyon’s Surprise


Cheyne Lyon, Duke of Mar, is suddenly faced with a drenched young woman claiming to be his brother John’s wife. Arriving with a babe in arms, Jenny Bramwell is seeking refuge with the duke. The most important thing to Cheyne is honesty. As he begins to fall in love with Jenny, it is the first time he has ever hoped to discover someone is being false with him. Jenny’s name is Jenny, but she’s not the Jenny Cheyne believes her to be. As she falls deeper in love with Cheyne, she can only hope that her dishonesty won’t ruin her heart’s chance for love before it even has a shot. Jenny also hopes the past she is running from won’t catch up to her and ruin any chance she has of a future.

Set in the highlands, the story is full of Scottish lore and traditions meshed with the customs and rules of England’s ton. Anytime the English customs get in the way they are dismissed at once because they are not in England but in Scotland. With Cheyne believing Jenny to be his brother’s wife, their love story develops as a friendship from the start. The sweet interactions are touching and bring smiles and laughter. With all the emphasis on Cheyne’s insistence of honesty, his quick dismissal of Jenny’s betrayal feels out of place. As much as you want to root for this couple, there isn’t much that they are up against, leaving a lack of conflict.  “The Lyon’s Surprise” offers up a quick summer read filled with lighthearted love.

Cara Cieslak