The Lyon’s Puzzle

Sandra Sookoo

Mrs. Dove-Lyon certainly has made an astounding match when she arranges a marriage between Montague Bassage and widow Mrs. Adriana Roberts. Both have been dealt a whirlwind of trauma and heartache to last several lifetimes, with broken hearts, failed relationships, and scarred reputations. While both are set on making new lives out of their situations, they never expected they would end up here: betrothed to one another in an arranged marriage. The two face their fears and insecurities together, slowly unraveling until they end up in each other’s arms.  

The romance between Montague and Adriana is incredibly compelling and very heartfelt. After all of the heartbreak and emotional damage both characters go through creates a strong sense of hesitancy and distrust when entering their newly arranged. However, the walls they have built are what drives their connection, and they have to learn to tear them down and understand each other if they are ever going to live happy, compatible lives. This helps to make their characters and relationship so easy to connect to, as it isn’t a fairytale. “The Lyon’s Puzzle” is a compelling read, full of raw emotion and growth that will leave readers asking for more.

Sadie Wilson