Lyon’s Prey: The Lyon’s Den

St. Claire

Evan Prescott, fifth Earl of Clarendon, watches his wife Amelia in horror as she struggles to give birth to his son. Amelia’s health was never very strong, yet she wants to do activities that put her health in danger. The birth eventually ends up killing her. Evan is miserable, drinking to excess and gambling, wanting not to feel anything at all. When Evan’s carriage driver almost runs over a small boy, the boy’s sister, Lady Charlotte Grisham, is outraged, and will not let Evan get away with it. Charlotte secretly confronts Evan at his home and demands an apology.  Charlotte’s mother discovers her deception, but also knows her uncle’s plan to betroth Charlotte to a cruel man. Luckily, Charlotte’s mother and another hatch a plan involving marrying her to Evan instead. It’s a forced marriage of convenience, and Charlotte fears Evan will never feel anything for her.

This cute Regency romance is a sweet and pleasant read! Sadly, the story has so many things happening that the story never seems to stay on task, giving it a very dizzying feel. The storyline is rushed, the ending anticlimactic and the writing appears chaotic. The characters are never fully developed, and some of the villain’s motives are not explained, so he never feels like a true threat. Charlotte, the spirited heroine, is strong-willed in the beginning but then changes to a weakling. Evan, the alcoholic hero, is angry at everything since giving up drinking. His anger does not endear him to anyone—readers included. The book does, however, deliver some entertainment and is diverting at times which readers will appreciate.

Roslynn Ernst