The Lyon’s Lady Love


The fathers of both Lady Emma Spencer and Earl Marcus of Rutherford made poor decisions that impacted their children’s lives. In the late Regency period of England, Emma is left unable to wed in a traditional marriage and Marcus is left desperately searching for a way to save his home. Each of them turns to the Black Widow of Whitehall for help. Can Emma and Marcus find happiness? Or will turning to the scandalous gambling hall owner and matchmaker turn out to be a mistake? Each must question if their fates were too good to be true when their fathers’ secrets rise up from their graves. 

Alexa Aston creates a riveting romance between characters that readers can’t help but love. Each character is developed with such painstaking detail as to create people that practically leap off the page. The characters truly make this novel. The conflict itself is extremely predictable and the reader can predict it coming far in advance. Compared to the rest of the book, the climax comes on and resolves quite suddenly. With the slow, satisfying burn of character development, this small detail feels a bit dissatisfying. However, Alexa Aston’s character development, believable dialogue, and delightful prose makes up for this small flaw. When all of the elements of this novel come together, they create a spellbinding image of late Regency London that draws the reader in, one word at a time. 

Shailyn Rogers