The Lyon’s Den in Winter


NOVELLA: Playwright Viola Black will do whatever it takes to get her plays sold, including dressing like a man. Her father is gracious enough to turn a blind eye to this behavior until she’s cornered on the street one night. Nothing can convince him it was a one time incident, and she begins to suspect there is more to the situation than what meets the eye. Dr. Duncan Nielson, her match made by fate, walks into her life then and she can’t seem to get him out of her head no matter how hard she tries. When her father’s enemies decide to use her as their preferred method of revenge, Duncan and her father must work together to bring her back home. Perhaps then, they can see if love will flourish in unexpected places.

Ms. Blake has created a delightful novella set in the world of the Lyon’s Den series. The author does a good job of incorporating Viola’s quirks into the world building so that they fit the time period and move the story forward. The world building itself is rich, so much so that it can’t be contained in just this one short read, leaving readers craving more. Ms. Blake has taken a unique form of telling the story, yet the timeline occasionally jumps about, leaving readers feeling a little disjointed. Despite this, the story is still captivating. Duncan and Viola have an instant connection that is exciting to watch unfold. Overall, this novella is a fun, action packed ride!

Chelsea Andersen