Into the Lyon’s Den: The Lyon’s Den: The Lyon’s Den Connected World


Miss Amber Gold works in a jewelry store under the Lyon’s Den. Amber creates jewelry when not living in daydreams. She is summoned by Elliott Rees, Lord Bryn, to give him a brooch which was sold to the store accidentally. Unfortunately, Amber does not have it because she turned it into something else. Elliott needs the pin to further his political career, or he will lose his credibility. He plans to take Amber to a ball to see a painting of the pendant to turn it back to what it was previously.  In doing so, Elliott realizes he wants Amber for himself and even asks Amber to be his mistress. Amber wants what she can’t have and knows after the illusion dies down she will return back to her boring life, without Elliott.

“Into the Lyon’s Den” a unique historical romance with unusual plotlines and wonderful characterizations! Sure, the tale is a bit unbelievable, but the writing flows seamlessly and the book, despite its short length, is entertaining overall. The intimate scenes, while descriptive, are a little staid and repetitive, and Amber and Elliott’s relationship lacks believability. The story’s shining light is the intelligent and charming heroine, Amber. She will make readers grin and fall for her energetic, positive energy. Elliott appears to be the perfect gentleman, but his demeanor toward Amber is deplorable, treating her abominably because of her lower-class status. Though he throws her into society, he claims he can’t marry her yet takes advantage of Amber every chance he gets. He doesn’t appear to care for her much. “Into the Lyon’s Den” is a satisfying story and a pleasure to read!

Roslynn Ernst