Lula Mae (Love Train Book 4)

Lula Mae Rivers, muleskinner and whiz with a whip, has no trouble fitting in a man’s world, particularly when she dresses the part. Playing the role of stowaway, though, is new. But Lula Mae is short on funds and desperate to get to Cheyenne to take her motherless niece to her grandmother. Union Pacific detective and US Marshall Gannon Calloway is riding the train on the lookout for some train robbers. “Lou” is trouble of another kind. He doesn’t know what to make of the youth, but as the train travels West, Gannon recognizes the grit and spunk that he sees. It isn’t long before Lou’s secret is revealed, but it’s the even bigger secret she’s keeping that might derail any chance of a relationship with the handsome lawman. When her niece is kidnapped, Lula Mae and Gannon team up to find her. Can they rescue the little girl, or will they die trying?
"Lula Mae" is a sweet Western romance that starts with a bang and keeps readers hanging on for the ride! Lula Mae is a survivor who will do anything for her family, but her circle of trust is small. Gannon has a strong sense of justice that goes into protective mode when he realizes what Lula Mae faces. There is plenty of action and external conflict to engage readers. Domestic violence also plays a background role. The internal conflict could have been stronger as there wasn’t much keeping Lula Mae and Gannon apart beyond general insecurities. Nonetheless, “Lula Mae” explodes with an exciting climax and closes with the kind of romance that leaves readers satisfied long after the story ends!
Tricia Hill