Loyal Heart (The Van Wolfenberg Dynasty #1)


Sophia’s brother, Johann, and her best friend, Kristina, are getting married. She is happy for the two of them, but despairs of ever finding the love of her life. Then after the ceremony, she spies the most handsome man she has ever seen - it is love at first sight! Then she learns that he is Brandt Rodermark, who fought against her family in the recent war. The war is over, but he is still an enemy not to be trusted, although her heart says otherwise. Brandt falls equally for Sophia, but he has been betrothed to Dorothea since he was five. How can he get out of his commitment so he can have a love match with the daughter of his enemy?

“Loyal Heart” is a beautiful love story of star-crossed lovers finding a way to their happily ever after in spite of family loyalties and commitments. Brandt does his best to keep from breaking Sophia’s heart when he sends her away because he is betrothed to Dorothea even though his heart belongs to Sophia. The backdrop to the story is breathtaking and the depth of the characters is incredible. All of the characters in the House of Wolfenberg have an amazing depth to them: from the eldest son, Johann, to the youngest brother, Kon. One can feel the love between all the characters as the reader is drawn into this excellent story of love and strife.

Belinda Wilson