Loving Helen

Michele Paige

REGENCY:  Miss Helen Thatcher and her siblings haven’t had the easiest time. After the death of their grandfather, they were left to their father’s “mercy”. Now, her older sister Grace is away, and she has to come up with a plan for her future. And the most tempting one consists of Mr. Samuel Preston. Not only is he rich enough to help her family, but he is oh so tempting. There’s just a tiny glitch in her plan: he is in love with her sister. Some things are just not meant to be, and she will have to deal with it. But then, in order to help her sister, they have to pretend they are engaged. Will this help them overcome their problems or will it just tear them further apart?

A regency romance that showcases not only the romantic bonds, but those of family and friends as well! “Loving Helen” is a companion novel to “Saving Grace”, and it’s deeply recommended they be read in order. Otherwise, the first part of the book will be very confusing as it deals with the consequences of the events in the previous book. It also relies on the reader’s knowledge of various characters’ histories.  Characterization is what makes the book shine. Samuel and Helen are a great couple, and they make for a good team. A clean regency romance that will light a gentle fire in a reader’s heart!

Ana Smith