Love's New Beginning (Wilderness Hearts Romance #1)


Daniel Alexander Armitage has journeyed from the polite society of Philadelphia to the backwoods of Kentucky. His family has perished from Yellow Fever and his mother's deathbed confession of his true parentage was a shock. Her find Daniel Alexander MacKay his true father and a new life.  Seeking his father brings him face to face with a man they call Bear and no one can deny he's his father.


Ann Byrd is the woman that makes his pulse jump. He knows she is meant for him....would his bastard status deny him a chance at courting her? But the advances of Charles Snyder, a spurned suitor will prove downright dangerous. He will stop at nothing to get the woman he thinks should be his! Even abducting Ann! 


Awesome story! Daniel's journey was heartwarming! The reader is taken through Daniels journey en route to finding his heritage. Ann is a spitfire - she speaks her mind and one can't help but cheer for her and Daniel to hook up. The reader is taken on a wild ride of gunfights, a devastating fire and a fight for honor. A spinoff from the American Wilderness Series, the characters are all intertwined and one is left with the feeling that this is a tight knit family of friends made along the way. The connection between the characters from previous books flows so smoothly that the reader has no problem connecting with the story. Dorothy Wiley's descriptive words bring the reader closer to Kentucky, a love story that is written in their hearts and the true meaning of family and friendship. Truly inspirational!


Maria Rose Dariotis