Love's Glory (Wilderness Hearts #3)


In the autumn of 1810, Allison Forbes sets out to fulfill her father’s dying wish. He wanted her to visit relatives in Wyllie, Kentucky and take the time to grieve before deciding whether to keep or sell the plantation left in her care. Committed to oversee the plantation herself but determined to visit her relatives anyway, the last thing she expects to find out west is Little John Wyllie, her cousin by marriage, and possibly ‘the one’. Kentucky is the frontier of the early U.S.A and danger abounds. When the Wyllies stand between criminals and a fortune, a turf war seems to be on the horizon, but the war for Allison’s heart has already begun. Convincing Allison that Little John is worth fighting for just might be harder than ousting swindlers and bandits. 

An inspirational historical tale set between the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, “Love’s Glory” is the third book in the Wilderness Hearts series and picks up with the next generation. Combining a sweet and clean romance with an inspirational tale of redemption, forgiveness, and love, this book manages to pull off both parts with some quirky side characters, including an unusual preacher, to help push the story along. However, it is fairly straightforward and predictable, and the action and romantic conflict are easily handled making the story feel like fluffy fun but without tension or passion to make it stand out. Still, fans of inspirational historical tales will find plenty to enjoy and room for this series to grow.

Sarah E Bradley