Reviews - Historical

When Lady Honor is attacked in the forest, she keeps it to herself. She doesn't want to get anyone else hurt; as a healer, she has vowed to do no harm. She has also vowed to never marry after seeing how her father treated her mother. When reports of attacks are coming in, Lady Honor is given protection in the form of warrior, Bryce Calder. Bryce doesn't trust women.

It’s London in 1806, and Miss Jane Elizabeth Barrett is just shy of fourteen when her father determines she must immediately marry the Marquess of Althorn, Marcus Balfour. The marriage contract was created from infancy. The Marquess is so repulsed by the idea of marriage to a child he heads off to war. He wants to give them both time to grow up. His father, the Duke, is not happy.

Forbidden: Claude

Sir Claude Montague has loved Lady Rose since he was a young boy. Unfortunately, she’s been happily married these last eight years and has requested that he attend her during her pregnancy while her husband is away. It is his duty to aid the lady, but can he do so without wishing she were his?

A Wolfe Among Dragons
Le Veque

Blayth the Strong is a renown Welsh warrior leading the rebellion against the English. Born a bastard prince, or so he is told, he cannot remember anything about his past since the battle that left him scarred and without his memory. All he knows is the past he is told, yet nothing ever felt right. Dreams of people unknown haunt him.

Miss Caroline Crispin, the daughter of one of London’s most sought-after architects, has spunk and sass to spare. She has no plans of marrying—not after watching her mother, an architect in her own right, shrink into the background. Caro is a party girl a few hundred years before her time.