Loved by a Dangerous Duke (Seductive Scoundrels Book #13)


Stanford Bancroft, the Duke of Asherford, is aware of his rakish nickname, “The Dangerous Duke”, one which describes his reputation well. Ophelia Breckensole, on the other hand, is a calm, collected lady of the ton who happens to be the object of Stanford’s desire. No matter how much she despises the duke, it seems nothing will stop him from trying to win her hand in marriage. He simply will not take no for an answer. When a situation arises that could possibly ruin Ophelia’s reputation, she is forced to make a huge choice about her future in a split second of time. Will Ophelia eventually give in to marriage and fall for the duke? Or will the two never get the chance to be together?

This dashing story of two star-crossed lovers will have readers swooning the instant they pick up this short-and-sweet romantic, Regency novel. Right off the bat, one is swept into a chaotic enemies-to-lovers plot, which is a bit confusing, but as the points of view of the characters become clearer and easy to follow, the storyline flows better, evening out the remainder of the novel. The romance itself is adorable, dramatic, and fascinating to follow, but the many obstacles that pop up to stand in the way of the protagonists’ love are predictable and obvious. The themes of forced marriage and situations threatening ruination can seem tedious due to their overuse as basic plotlines. Overall, though, the way the author describes the settings and emotions of the characters makes up for any possible flaws of the novel, giving readers a satisfying experience.

Austen Grace