Love Remains (Longing for Home #3)

Sarah M.

Almost a year after his youngest brother Finbarr lost his eyesight in a fire, Tavish O’Connor is the only thing keeping his family from imploding.  Despite his love and care, his family has lost all hope. Cecily Attwater has made a living bringing hope to the blind. Having learned to be independent herself despite her failing eyesight, she arrives in Hope Springs to teach Finbarr to do the same. However, nothing prepares her for the harsh rejection she faces from the local Irish upon discovering her English heritage. With Finbarr refusing to learn, and the O’Connors unwilling to work with Cecily, it’s up to Tavish to once again hold everything together — for if Finbarr doesn’t try, Cecily will leave, taking with her not only Finabarr’s final hope but possibly Tavish’s last chance for love as well.

The third book in the “Longing for Home” series, “Love Remains” provides a marvelous conclusion to Tavish’s search for romance while providing a Helen Keller-type storyline with Finbarr and Cecily. The series should be read in order, as the situation in this book builds from the previous ones. Readers will find themselves enthralled with the rise and fall of the plot as the character’s emotions jump off the page. The steady pace and character and plot depth all add to excellent execution of this tale, which is hindered only by the predictability of the conclusion.  Ms. Eden has once again penned  a must read for historical romance fans!

Sarah E Bradley