For Love of a Laird


Raised as the child of the Marischal of Scotland, Elizabeth Keith took her childhood betrothal to an old Laird as her duty to secure peace.  When he suddenly dies, however, Elizabeth finds herself pawned from one son to the next as tragedy strikes. Still, she is determined to find at least a small portion of love in the life she must create.

Robert Irvine never wanted the Lairdship and surely never wanted the woman!  Not only was she his father’s betrothed, but his brother’s wife! With peace in the balance, however, he has no other choice. With a bitter heart and a reluctant hand, Robert must make the best of a bad situation.  At least, he reasons he will never worry about falling in love.

How much fun and hijinks can one find in a Scottish historical?  More than enough to keep readers gobbling up this delightful romance! Superbly penned and richly drawn, it elicits both delight and compassion as one follows Elizabeth as she tries to navigate an extremely hard situation. Both her and Robert’s choices were frustrating at times and Robert’s dogged insistence to stay miserable made him an unsympathetic character through much of the story.  When his reversal comes in the most creative of ways, however, it is a pleasure to discover a hero worth cheering for. Through all the twists and turns, this story is truly a romance worth smiling - and sighing over!

Ruth Lynn Ritter