A Love That Knows No Bounds (Men of Valor Book 2)


After being abandoned by the father of her child and thrown from her home by her minister father; Olivia “Livie” Mathews finds The Angel’s Wings Orphanage and Foundling Home. There she stumbles upon a dying soldier. He gives her papers and a gem with instructions to only give them to Jason, a dark haired man with a scar. The father of her baby, Theodore Dunworthy, unexpectedly appears on her doorstep. She orders him out of the house, but he is working for the crown on a mission to intercept the now dead soldier and the very papers and gem Livie possesses! While awaiting the soldier’s arrival, he goes to work for the orphanage alongside Olivia rekindling his desire for her. She remains silent refusing to help, and he has no idea Livie is keeping the papers, gem, and a five year secret from him.

“A Love That Knows No Bounds” is a beautiful story of how love can persevere over the years. Both the hero and heroine are strong characters who have specific goals. Each chapter brings action, intrigue, espionage, and mistaken identity.  Secondary characters are very important in this tale, but they are never able to be fleshed out due to the short length of this work. The plot, while enjoyable is predictable and weak. Several points are not believable, including the inability of the soldiers to recognize the traitor despite his words and actions. The interactions between Livie and Theo are quite lively giving the story its spark. An enjoyable story with more coming in the rest of the series!

Belinda Wilson