A Love That Heals the Heart (Men of Valor Book 4)

Laura Landon

After being summoned by his brother Russell, Viscount Darbringth, Jonah Reynolds is returning home. He has not been home in ten years – since his father disowned him. Russell is married and has four young daughters, but it is dangerous for his wife to have more children so Russell proposes a deal to Jonah; he needs to wed and sire an heir so that the Darbringth line will stay viable. Unable to refuse Russell’s request, Jonah attends a dance and sees Mariah, a childhood friend. He decides she is definitely the one. When he proposes to her, she refuses him, only saying she cannot give him what he wants. He refuses to give up on her. When he sees her brother, Charles, he sees he has an opium addiction. Jonah’s specialty is curing those addicted. He convinces Charles and Mariah to travel with him to his hospital to cure Charles.

“A Love That Heals the Heart” rounds out the Men of Valor series. Ms. Landon once again brings her characters to life. The world building is incredible! Mariah is not the easiest character to like. She cries through most of the story – with good reason. There is little chemistry between Mariah and Jonah. The rehashing of Mariah telling Jonah she cannot give him what he wants makes those parts tedious as well as leaving the reader wondering why. One is never sure if Russell has four or five existing children because it varies in the story. It is fun seeing the friends from previous novels make their appearances and interact with Jonah and Mariah. An emotional story through and through, be prepared with tissues. 

Belinda Wilson