To Love a Governess

Josi S. Kilpack, Heather B. Moore,
Julie Daines

Do governesses deserve a chance at true love? Based on the three stories within this delightful anthology, the answer is emphatically yes! In our first tale, “Til’ All the Seas Gang Dry”, Dina is a governess to her friend’s children after her aunt’s death. Unexpectedly reunited with her childhood love, she must quietly nurse her heartbreak in the shadows after seeing him with his new fiancée. In the second story, “The One-Year Governess”, Emmeline wants to find work for one year until she becomes of age for her inheritance and receives a cottage of her own. On her search, she finds a broken family in the home of Captain Ridout, as he is now raising his orphaned niece and nephew. “Visible” is the last tale in this anthology, and introduces us to Sarah, a maid in Mr. Selwood’s home, who is promptly promoted to governess when a young ward comes to live in the home. The story quickly winds down a twisted path through quiet love, exposed secrets, and a rescue mission.

Utterly wholesome and pure, one will have no doubt about true love conquering all after diving into this anthology. All three stories are unique in their own story telling, but have a similar theme: everyone, no matter their circumstances, deserves to love and be loved in return. In “Til’ All the Seas Gang Dry”, there are some weaknesses in terms of plot. The situation that turns the story on its head is very modern for the setting, and can really pull the reader out of the moment that has been so wonderfully built up until that point. Additionally, the end is wrapped up entirely too briskly to be sufficiently satisfying. Despite that, you will find yourself rooting for Dina no matter what the situation. The other two stories are sufficiently paced and an absolute joy to read. These three heartwarming tales will leave the reader wishing for more!

Jen Griffin