Love Finds Its Way (Way of Hearts Saga Book 2)


WESTERN:  Lucas, an orphan who carries a brutal burn on his side, was taken in and raised as a son at the Sullivan mansion, calling Callie and Marnie his sisters. However, his feelings for Callie have turned anything but sisterly. Wanting to claim Callie as his wife but unwilling to marry her without knowing his ancestry, Lucas leaves the security of his life to search for his name. Vowing undying love with Callie’s promise “I will wait for you,” Lucas goes to Texas only to find more secrets. When Callie receives a telegram saying Lucas is in trouble, she ventures to help him but finds trouble instead.  


This historical romance, which takes place in the late 1800s, is filled with action-packed adventure that journeys from the gentility of Virginia to the rugged Texan caverns inhabited by outlaws. Barreling at a hot and breakneck speed, the pace quickly slows by chapter two and continues at a comfortable pace, which gradually builds to a gripping zenith. However, one must carefully follow the tale, as there are numerous story lines within the plot that can cause one to become mired by the details. This issue, combined with areas of shifting points of view, makes it easy to lose focus and become confused. Nonetheless, this exhilarating novel filled with suspense, dramatic adventure, surprising twists, and sensual romance, grabs the reader with a compelling pressure to reach the culmination. This enthralling novel will appeal to readers of multiple genres and have them smiling long before the last word is read.  


Janna Shay