To Love an English Knight

Scottish lass, Freya, has been in love with English Knight Charles de Grey since the moment she set eyes on him. Even though he initially mistook her for a loose woman, she still carries a torch for him. Unfortunately, he is handsome, resolute and steadfast in his duty to protect Lady Catherine. Alas, he has never taken Freya’s feelings seriously and considers her to be little more than annoying little girl. Now that she has grown into a beautiful woman, Charles notices her more and more. He comes to appreciate her fiery personality, which gets her into trouble more often than not. When tragedy strikes the clan, Charles and Freya must protect their delicately blossoming love from the outside forces that want to destroy it.

Opposites definitely attract in this charming tale by Sherry Ewing that will have readers hanging on every word! The characterization in this story is absolutely wonderful, as Ms. Ewing spends a lot of time solidifying their personalities. One will instantly fall in love with the characters and root for them long after the book ends. However, the climax of the story occurs rather abruptly and may leave one feeling unsatisfied. The conflict is also solved entirely too quickly and cleanly for the way it was initially presented. It seems contradictory and could leave the reader wondering how a character could have such an intense change of heart. Even so, this is an enchanting read for any romance buff.  Shelly Ewing will make the reader believe that true love really can conquer all!

Jen Griffin