Love is Come (Power of the Matchmaker)

Heather B.

Nelle Thompson grew up a pampered, only child of New York City aristocrats - until the night her parents were killed in a terrible accident.  With a year to go before she can claim her trust, she must live with her aunt’s family in the country.  Treated as a burden and forced to pay for even the bites she eats, Nelle works to make sense of her new life.   The one person who shows kindness and comforts her is the one person she can never have - her cousin’s fiancé!  


Mathew Janson never felt any particular love for his fiancé but he needs a wife and his marriage will make his ailing mother happy.  That is reason enough - until he meets Nelle.  Suddenly there is a reason to smile, to live and to really love.  But, life doesn’t always allow for such things and when circumstances turn, Mathew is faced with losing his great love or fighting for what she is not sure she can give.


“Love is Come” is a beautifully written, engaging and poignant story, with a depth that is subtly woven yet achingly real.  As the story continues, however, the weakness of Nelle’s character and the choices she repeatedly makes goes against any common sense and leaves the reader questioning their believability. For example, why would Nelle insist the man she loves marry another woman whom he doesn’t love and whose secrets Nelle knows will absolutely destroy him?  Even so, the story is extremely engaging and the beautiful writing style overcome any flaws and makes it well worth the read!


Ruth Lynn Ritter