Love Beyond Measure (The Honorables Book #4)


Englishman Harrison Dyer washes ashore on the coast of the Kingdom of Siam, only survivor of a merchant shipwreck, along with his nanny goat. He’s nursed back to health by Buddhist monks and getting back home is slim, since the only Europeans who have a relationship with the Thai are Portuguese.  Half-English, half-Thai Lamai is the unpaid, brilliantly accomplished servant of an unscrupulous, prosperous Portuguese merchant. When she reluctantly brings Harrison home from the monastery to the merchant’s house, little does she realize that this strange man who washes ashore could be her beloved and the family she always wanted.

“Love Beyond Measure” is a historical romance set in 19th Century Siam, featuring an engrossing romance between two emotionally and physically scarred protagonists.  Harrison suffers guilt and emotional damage from childhood abuse, which has made it hard for him to connect to others.  He’s an endearing, unforgettable hero, very tortured but also deeply honorable.  Lamai is equally compelling--spiritual, graceful, and thoughtful, with a formidable strength of will despite past hurts and present disappointments.  Their journey is one of healing, sensuality, and love long yearned for and ultimately realized together.  Although set in the Regency period (1810s), Siamese locale/culture will take seasoned Regency readers in a novel direction.  The descriptions so well-rendered, readers will feel as though they are visiting Siam.  Ms. Boyce tackles social ills in a powerful way without being overtly didactic, tough subjects integral to the storyline.  “Love Beyond Measure” is a highly recommended read.

Danielle Hill