Love Between The Lines


New Yorker Lizzie Drury, or as she is known to her readers, Trudy Tildon, wants to be the front page journalist for the newspaper she works at. When you are a woman in 1883, it will not happen easily.  Then she meets the handsome Sir Gideon Langham of London’s Flagship newspaper. When he offers her front page status, it seems too good to be true and she is not sure he can be trusted. But, unable to turn the opportunity down, she finds herself drawn to him more and more each day.  

Gideon knows hiring Lizzie is the right move for his paper, but it may not be for his marriage engagement.  Finding that Lizzie is not only a brilliant writer, but a beautiful woman with a good heart, he can’t get her off his mind and that makes life a challenge that has turned his world upside down. Gideon and Lizzie find that working with someone you are attracted to is not always easy or smart, but throw in a killer and it’s a  whole new adventure! 

In “Love Between the Lines”, Kate Rothwell gives her readers an enthralling look into what life was like, not only  for a woman, but for a woman who is also determined to be a journalist in the 1880’s. The reader is also gifted with the overall challenges and demands to “dig up dirt” on those around you and what dangers it could lead to. As the reader follows Lizzie on her journey, the adventures collect and the enjoyment increases.  Well done, Ms. Rothwell!

Melody Prat