Love and The Shameless Lady (Scandalous Kisses #3)


Nobility is a thorn in the side of Lady Daisy Warren, who rejects class standings.  She chooses to live among common people while serving at an inn after a disgracing misadventure.  Secretly an author of high standing, in her spare time Daisy crafts steamy novels.  


Working for the Crown as a spy to pay for inherited debt isn't how Sir Julian Kerr envisioned his life.  While trying to rout out a spy, Julian encounters Daisy in her act as a bar wench and is immediately smitten.  When it’s discovered Daisy’s life is in danger they set off on their own adventure of deceit and mystery as they try to find the culprit and the French spy.  Can Daisy allow herself to be swept up in the lies or open her heart to the love awaiting her?


A super easy, quick read for a cozy corner with a blanket and hot chocolate, this tale will help fend off the winter blues!  Daisy is a highly intelligent and somewhat amusing character with grit and charm that belies her decision to distance herself from those of her class, which may lend readers to doubt the sincerity of her convictions.  Readers will be infatuated with Sir Julian as he is a handsomely interesting gentleman turned spy.  The originality of the topic as well as Daisy and Julian’s journey is well paced and will keep readers engaged.  While slated as the third in the series it is definitely a stand-alone installment with enough intrigue that readers will seek out earlier releases.


Jordyn Teel