Love and Honor (Knights of Honor, Book 7)


In 1385, Edward de Montfort and Rosalyne Parry meet in Canterbury, shortly after Rosalyne and her uncle, Templeton (Temp) Parry, finish meeting with the Archbishop.  Temp is a well-known painter who has been commissioned by the Archbishop to paint a panel to hang inside Trinity Chapel, part of the Cathedral at Canterbury. Edward has been sent there by King Richard II, to discover if the project to rebuild the stone fortification around Canterbury is being mismanaged. He ends up renting a room from the Parrys, getting to know Temp and Rosalyne, and discovering a lot of financial improprieties within the massive project.  He also learns that Rosalyne is a gifted painter and is completing many of Temp’s jobs, as his body is beginning to fail him.

This book contains likable characters who are well-developed within the span of this original story. Rosalyne is carrying more of the painting load for her uncle but isn’t allowed to take credit for her gift because she is female.  She is actually quite independent for the time period, which is the reason for the half point deduction; that part didn’t ring as true as the rest of the book. Edward and Rosalyne are well-matched in personality, temperament, and independence.  She brings joy and laughter back into Edward’s life, for which his family is grateful.  There is an unexpected tie-in toward the end that completes a story arc that began in the prologue. The many details included within this story make it believable. 

Carey Sullivan