Love’s Whisper: An American Historical Romance (Wilderness Hearts Book 4)


“Love’s Whisper” is an account true to its time. Set in the early 1800s, it is a story that encompasses real life on the American frontier. Polly Wyllie is the youngest daughter of Stephen Wyllie, the owner of a vast cattle ranch in Kentucky. Polly believes herself to be the ‘smart’ one in the family, quite unlike the raging beauty of her sister, Martha. But that’s not what Liam Roberts sees when he is sent on a journey to retrieve Polly from her family’s neighboring horse ranch. Liam sees the outer and inner beauty of his boss’ daughter right from the start, but Polly longs to be an author and is afraid that committing herself to marriage would inhibit her freedom to write and will send her father fleeing to the Louisiana Purchase with her brothers. Will Liam and Polly find a way to let love reign amidst the representative hardships and trials they face in this true to life tale?

Dorothy Wiley’s imagination is on fire in this realistic and riveting story of love on the American frontier! Her outstanding research lends to an authentic feeling of awe for the details and adversities of life in the early 1800s. Though “Love’s Whisper” is the fourth book in the series, Ms. Wiley excels in creating enough backstory so that readers will easily understand, creating a standalone experience. The plot flows beautifully, and the characters are unique, with each one standing on their own personalities. The only flaw in this perfect weekend read is the punctuation, though it does not deflect from the story. “Love’s Whisper” is a flawless romance with an abundance of faith, hope and love.

Tiffany Landers