Love’s Sunrise (Wilderness Hearts #2)


Gabe McGrath is a young man who takes shelter at his neighbors' farm when he is caught in a storm.  Martha Willie is the eldest daughter of a Kentucky cattleman, and has been running the household since her mother passed away in childbirth.  Gabe becomes a hand on the Willie ranch and is attracted to Martha; Martha has determined her life is that of caretaker of her family and nothing more.  She has daydreams of what it would be like to be with Gabe, but quickly reels herself in.  Gabe and Mr. Willie work together to track down cattle rustlers he enlists the Willie's help to find the men who  murdered Gabe’s parents. 

 A remarkable story, "Love's Sunrise" uses all of its pages to play out the rich plot development.  This historical romance takes on many aspects that are true to the history of the time period, but does not bog one down with the complicated language of the 18th and 19th century.  Ms. Wiley notes the modern language in the title page.  Gabe and Martha both have made promises in the past that they must see through to the end, adding to the honor that is laced throughout the stories in many characters.  The characters are richly developed and some are from Ms. Wiley’s other novels adding great depth. Readers will definitely want to seek out the author's other works.  This installment is a captivating love story right to the very end!

 Laura Dinsdale