Love’s Magic


PARANORMAL:  Celeste Summers is not the typical debutante. She’s a magician with a black rabbit and a treasure map, determined to avoid marriage and focused on keeping her independence. Lord Devlin Rutland wants to fulfill a promise between his father and Celeste’s by marrying the girl, then hunting down a treasure that will save his failing estate. In pursuit of their goals, Celeste and Devlin must track down a murderer, face ghosts, battle pirates, and practice a bit of magic as they learn that love might not be so impossible after all.


A thrilling and romantic read! Sheffield has taken a typical regency romance and turned it upside down by filling it with adventure and spunk while still  matching the formal code of ethics of a gothic romance. Celeste is interesting. She’s determined to have adventure and avoid marriage and, unlike so many other heroines, she doesn’t care one wit about her reputation. Devlin is everything a regency hero should be, and yet somehow he falls for the wonky girl anyway. Between the two of them, readers won’t be able to put the book down or stop laughing. The plot never gets boring, the details and background are filled in at a steady pace. The romance is adorable. Overall, a solid, must read... and then re-read for all regency and adventure lovers!


Sarah E Bradley