Love’s Fury (Viking's Fury #1)


Sylvia has lived a sheltered life with her father, who works with monks in ninth-century York, Northumbria. The innocent scholar loses everything, including her beloved father, when the Danish invade. Konal the Red, named so for his vicious fighting abilities, is a Norwegian serving under the Danish Prince Ivarr to fulfill a lost bet with his brother. When Konal crosses Sylvia amongst the scrolls she cherishes, he immediately recognizes her fiery, Valkyrie-like potential, and claims her as his own thrall, or spoil of war. Released from his contract to the Danish Prince, he intends to bed Sylvia and return to Norway as an established and respected warrior among his own people. But will the fiery Sylvia prove too much to walk away from and forget? 


This quick read is packed with more action, passion, and storyline than novels twice its length! Sylvia’s character, written with a well-balanced mixture of intelligence, wanton curiosity, and bravado, is interesting without being the least bit irritating. Konal is brave and capable, with a bold side of sexy, but it’s his honor that’s most appealing in this Viking romance. His need to protect Sylvia even after his plans for departure is heart-warming. The fact that they both seem to understand each other’s losses is touching, as is the message of forgiveness and acceptance. A nice build-up to a tastefully done love scene was the icing on the cake. This story’s only fault was that it ended too abruptly, with no warning or follow-up to the characters’ outcome. Other than that, a fabulous read!

Lori Leger