Love’s Courage (The Brentwood Saga #3)


Jenny Sutton leaves Virginia for New York without telling her love, Andrew Wentworth, after she receives word that her father has been gravely wounded. Even though there is a high risk of danger, she must go to him. When she arrives, her father passes away but she also discovers that he was in league with a spy network for the Patriots. She decides to continue her father’s work and help the cause. Back in Virginia, Andrew Wentworth is too late to stop Jenny but is determined to find her. The only way he can safely get to her is by being a messenger for the Patriot cause. They find each other, but there is suspicion surrounding Jenny and her family. Can Jenny and Andrew find a way to be together without being discovered as spies?

This historical romance set during the American Revolution is absolutely breathtaking! The author whisks readers away to a time of courage, danger, and adventure. The history behind the story is on-point. It is wonderful to see actual characters from history make an appearance, like Ben Tallmadge, who was a part of the Culper Ring, one of George Washington’s most successful spy rings. Jenny and Andrew will do anything for love, but as they fall into the spy rings, they discover how important they are to their country as well. All the characters are well developed — multi-faceted and compelling. Their dedication to their country and to each other makes this novel stand out. No reader, especially American Revolution buffs, will be able to put this book down!

Amanda Hupe