Love Me Always


The marriage of Catherine Martin and Grant Fielding, Duke of Ashton is fast approaching, much to Catherine's dismay.  Betrothed to the Duke since the age of fourteen, she has dreaded the day which is now almost upon her. Although he is kind, she dreams of a young man who will marry her for love, not an old man at the end of his life.  She is granted by her unloving father the opportunity to get to know him first but is heartbroken at the prospect and with her mother dead these many years she is left without guidance. The Duke's three nephews bring comfort and friendship where she did not expect any. Catherine tries her best to fit in and be accepted by society and the family but is caught between her duty and her new found feelings for Nicholas, the oldest nephew set to inherit the dukedom.  A mysterious sequence of accidents and deaths begin to haunt her and bring back the memory of her mother's murder.  Is she worthy of love and will she ever find happiness?
 As the story begins with the preparation of Catherine's journey to her new life with the Duke, the reader gets an instant look at a young girl and her vulnerability and fear. One can intimately comprehend her apprehension. The nephews are enamored by her and the excitement lifts the spirit and helps to lighten the mood. The story takes a vast number of twists and reveals many past secrets that are both unforeseen and intriguing. Added with a mystery, it keeps the reader guessing. The romance between Catherine and Nicholas is where the story really steals the reader's heart, leaving one hoping that young love has a chance to shine and that Catherine will find love and happiness at last!
Margaret Faria