Lord Wrath: Beastly Lords Book Six

Sydney Jane

In 1852, Lord Owen Burnley discovers his sister’s strangled body in London’s East End, and vows to find her killer. With few clues, including an original handkerchief found in his sister’s hand, he is determined to find justice. With his anger and frustration bottled up inside, he earns his nickname with the way he treats people that he suspects. Lady Adelia Smythe is in her fourth season of the marriage mart, and is ready to become a spinster. She has been shy for most of her life, and she often stutters. She hides in corners at every event she attends, and her dance card is often blank — but she listens to everyone. She overhears conversations and arguments and uses them to shape the stories she writes. She comes to the attention of Lord Burnley when she faints near him. Thereafter, he enlists her help in finding the owner of the ‘murderer’s’ handkerchief.

This book hooks the reader from the start! The complete story arc starts with the murder of a young lady and ends with an incredibly satisfying finale. The pace of this story stays even most of the time, yet ramps up when needed. The conflicts are clearly defined and the tension ratchets tight at times. Every so often, the author reminds the reader of why Owen is Lord Wrath, but most of the time, it is not evident. The ending wraps up with impeccable timing, and concludes a little too perfectly. Aside from that, the story flows artfully, and keeps the reader engaged from start to finish. This is a great addition to any historical romance lover’s bookshelf!

Carey Sullivan