Reviews - Historical

Trenton De Russe is a special agent of Henry VIII—no small responsibility. He tackles the king’s most challenging tasks, though not always the most honorable ones. The story opens with Trenton on a mission to bring Benoit De Wilde, a violent scoundrel of a man, to Henry’s court for punishment.

Wedding Wagers (Timeless Regency Collection Book 11)
Donna Hatch, Heather B. Moore,
Michele Paige Holmes

Three wonderful stories — three wonderful authors! 

Donna Hatch gets the party rolling with “A Wager on Love”, which is centered on Phillip, the brother of a Duke, and Meredith, the daughter of a factory worker.  Phillip believes he and Meredith are meant to be, but his friend disagrees. Their difference of opinion leads to a friendly wager. Can Phillip beat the odds? 

Sorina Braithwaite is the granddaughter of a ranchero, with a family determined to make her into a fine young lady. Well known for her wild streak, Sorina does not wish to marry. Her grandfather informs her that he agreed for her to be married to Antoine Santoro, a man she despises. She tries to figure a way to escape.

A Fair Trade

Being raised by his trapper father and uncles has taught Jack Briggs to make do with little more than a knife and flask. Now he searches for a place to call home, and refined beauty Penelope may be the person to help him, as he leads the Findleys to Oregon. Honor-bound by her marriage vows, Penelope initially snubs his advances.

A young Gavin Knight watches as Bertie Laxton, Earl of Grennet, shoots his father in the face. Bertie is dismayed at having a five-year-old spectator, but tells him he will chop off his and his mother’s heads if he tells anyone what he has seen.  Gavin never tells and in time only remembers that a large green man shot his father.