Lord of Winter (Lords of de Royans, #2)

Le Veque

MEDIEVAL:  It’s 1187 A.D. and the Lord of Winter, Sir Juston de Royans, has been sent by Richard the Lionheart to take Bowes Castle. Juston has never lost a battle and his reputation is known far and wide, but Bowes is a tougher target than he’s faced before. He finally succeeds in taking the castle and all within it, including the now-dead lord’s sister-in-law, Emera la Marche. The Lord of Winter may have won yet another battle, but Emera’s mere presence has declared war against his frozen heart. When an unstoppable force meets an immovable object, the resulting collision will certainly be captivating!

Does love conquer all? One may think so, but it’s touch-and-go in this expertly penned medieval romance, featuring an arrogant, battle-hardened warrior and a selfless courageous lady. Be prepared to experience a gamut of emotions! Switching mainly between Juston and Emmy’s POVs allows the reader to fall headlong into their story where fighting, death, and hardship battle alongside hope, generosity, and love. They warily circle each other in an intricate one-step-forward, two-steps-back dance that will have readers equally frustrated (in a good way) and sighing in satisfaction. Perilous situations will produce nail-biting anxiety that is offset by humor and sexy steaminess. The world, characters, plot, and pacing are as good as it gets! Except for a few minor editing errors, this darn near flawless historical love story will most definitely stand the test of time.

Carol Conley