Lord of the Wilderness

St. Michel

Lady Juliet Faulkner’s life has been a constant nightmare.  She grew up the unwanted and unloved child of a grieving father, banished at his death, then sold as an indentured servant and shipped to America to a violent and abusive household. Juliet is barely holding on with little hope until a handsome trapper comes to her defense.  

Lord Joshua Rutland cannot afford to develop feelings for the red-haired beauty that so desperately needs his help. As a spy for the patriot cause, he has already lost the love of his life and refuses to allow a woman close again.  However, with war raging and the stakes rising each day, Juliet refuses to give up on the only chance at love she has ever had. There has to be a way to thaw Joshua’s hardened heart and keep their love alive even against all odds.

For a rich and riveting read amidst the backdrop of revolution, this story is a can’t-put-downer!  Juliet’s character is heart-breakingly sympathetic as she struggles to find any love in her life. She is strong, resilient and a character readers will adore from the very first page. Joshua is a bit harder to understand but his honor and loyalty drive the scenes and keeps one turning the pages. The factual, historical aspect is also written with a perfect touch weaving in enough to educate without being heavy-handed. The climax was a bit predictable and a few threads could have been explained a bit better, but both are such small things against an otherwise classic, historical delight! 

Ruth Lynn Ritter