Lord of Secrets (Lords of the Borders Book Two)


English knight William Fitzhugh has just been named Lord of Higham. When he arrives, he finds many trials awaiting him. The former lord, Roscales, absconds with everything not tied down, including valuable herbs and salt. The castle has no furnishings, and the people are clamoring for their needs to be met. William sets eyes on a beautiful, petite girl with dark coloring. He learns she is the Welsh healer, Rhosyn. Interested in getting to know her better, he asks her for a sleeping draught. When they go to her cottage to retrieve it, she attacks the young lord with a knife, because she assumes he is going to rape her. He has no such intentions, but here their fate together is sealed. The attraction is mutual, but Rhosyn harbors dark secrets which will keep her from having a relationship with William.

“Lord of Secrets” is a magical tale transporting the reader to the border between England and Wales and displays the animosities between the two peoples during medieval times. William and Rhosyn are well described and very likable characters, but they are only one dimensional. Their story drags throughout which disengages the reader. There are enough editing errors to be a distraction. There is no climax to this story, and despite the title, Lord William does not appear to have any secrets! There are plenty of secondary characters to add color to this piece. The mention of herbs and their uses is unique in this story and makes for thought-provoking read. Deception abounds in this tale, and the reader is kept guessing who the villain is until the very end. A fun, distinctive read!

Belinda Wilson