Lord Scot (Always a Scot, book 1)


Lord Liam Loughton is looking for a wealthy wife with a large dowry, so he can make changes to his family’s castle and people. He thinks he has found that woman in Lady Clara. Not only does she have money, but she is stubborn, opinionated, strong, and educated. Lady Clara is a spinster and has no desire to ever marry or leave her beloved London, and fights him every step of the way. Liam convinces Clara to go to Scotland for a visit where he plans to court her, but before he can do that, they both are tricked into marriage by his father.

“Lord Scot” is a fun historical romance that will have the reader laughing at the banter and bickering between Liam and Clara. Both are well educated, stubborn and opinionated and their personalities are constantly clashing. The reader will feel that Liam and Clara did not connect emotionally and there just was no chemistry between them, although one will love the secondary characters - especially Clara’s brother and his fiancée. Liam and Clara are alike in a lot of ways. Both grew up fighting culture expectations from their families. Liam is the son of a laird, and Clara is expected to marry well and be the perfect wife which will cause her to lose her independence. The reader will wish for the connection between them, but may not feel it. Despite that, Jade Lee did a fantastic job in describing that period, the dress, and the people. “Lord Scot” is a great start to the Always a Scot series.

Victoria Zumbrum